Welcome to our Inaugural post. Instead of giving you a run of the mill Top 10 list of sneakers we love or we think are the best of all time, we decided to bring you a little bit of a different list. It’s the Seven Deadly S.Y.Ns (Sh*t You Need). That’s right, the Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy of sneakers, from us to you!  We hope you enjoy our thoughts. Leave comments either way, chime in with your own thoughts and stay tuned for more S.Y.N


Pride: (n) a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct.

*In your collection what sneaker do you look at, wear with, or talk about with supreme pride?

Eric Says: For me it is most of my collection but the pair that rises to the top of my list is my Jordan XI Concords (2011) release. They aren’t even my favorite kicks of  all-time but I worked hard to cop and they’re so clean, a true dress up and dress down shoe.

The Cop: On December 21, 2011 I definitely called in late to work in order to stand outside of NIKETOWN NYC on 57th Street. So here I am standing outside on a 65 degree December day waiting for a ticket, A TICKET, that would then allow me to get the sneakers I desired two days later at midnight (this process is dated at this point). After two hours of waiting, by myself, they gave me my ticket (#152) and wasn’t I just the happiest twenty-eight year old sneaker enthusiast going. I then  proceeded to skip my happy ass to work with only one worry in the world: losing that damn ticket in my wallet. Thirty-six hours later on December 22nd with a light drizzle and significantly colder temperature, I waited on a line shortly before midnight until they called #152. As the NIKETOWN employee mumbled my number and asked for my I.D blood rushed to my head and my eyes widened but not because it was my turn to get my box but because I had to secure my route to the train station. I wanted no parts of the dudes that did not wait on a single line but wanted a pair of Concords as bad as the rest of us. Needless to say when I got home and opened that box with its many layers of beauty and removed the sneaker it was everything (the smell, the look, my feelings) I thought it was going to be it was. I have only worn this shoe six times since that day and didn’t even put them on my feet until June of 2012. Each time proud as hell with every single step. That was a lot about one shoe but I think you get the point. 

Eian Says: I would have to say for me the “De La Soul” SB Dunk Highs are by far the cream of the crop.

The Cop: Ha! I can remember this day like it was right around the corner. It was Fall 2005; I was 19 with no job and my mother’s credit card. This was before the crazy hype of Nike SB’s and most people that wore them were skaters. I remember the first store I went to for this cop was Blades on 86th street which is no longer there. They were sold out within 30 minutes, but I knew someone that had the scoop, that DQM (Dave’s Quality Meat) on Great Jones Street had them as well. I called my mom and we made a deal, some may say it was the deal that I sold my soul for but it was worth it. I did all house chores for about three months, an agonizing time that I will never regret because to this day the De La Soul High is my holy grail.

Lust: a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually followed by for):

Eric Says: SWEET CHRISTMAS! (Luke Cage reference) Jordan 3s Black Cement are easily the pair of kicks that I lust for. I DO NOT own them, I wasn’t even a fan of 3s until one of my brothers copped the “True Blues” for me. On my feet the 3s are pure beauty which is not easy to say when you wear a size 13 shoe. I now own several pairs of 3s but the Black Cement 3s are not one of them. They are just perfection–they’re also known as “THE” shoe that started it all. Every time I see them on the street (which is rare at this point) I turn into an ogling, clumsy-tourist like New York City pedestrian #SorryNotSorry.


Eian SaysClean as clean can get: Jordan XI Concord. From the bottom up you have the clear ice sole followed by the white midsole attached to the ever so famous signature black patent leather. Now I’m not old enough to ever own the OG’s but i was lucky enough to get these on Christmas of 2011 as a gift from my other half. I can say it’s been six plus years since I’ve owned them and i have not worn them outside yet. I’m not proud to say it but i have not found the right (perfect) time to wear them. Now I’ve tried them on tons of times with my outfit on, ready to leave the house. Once I take a look in the mirror my heart and soul won’t allow me to walk out the door. This is a sad reality of living in New York City and taking public transportation; you just don’t want to risk the beauty of this sneaker.  

Gluttony: Overcompensation to the point of waste but as we know, nothing thought out and loved that is added to your collection is waste.

Eric Says: Vans SK8-Hi Originals (White on White). Now I know you are probably asking, how the hell did a pair of skating sneakers make any parts of my list but even more, how did it make the category of gluttony? Three reasons: 1. Price Point – In a world of $200 sneakers you cannot beat a clean, classic, all-around stylish pair of sneakers for $65. That is how much it will cost you to add these kicks to your collection. At $65 why would I not own three or more pairs? Some folks build a whole collection on Vans alone.  2. Color – Now this is significant. When I was a kid my mom always said we needed two pairs of sneakers for the summer: a colorful pair and a white pair. I have never abandoned this school of thought and every summer I make sure I have a pair of white on white sneakers. The problem with white on white is that they are hard to keep fresh which leads me to my final reason. 3. Wearability and personal attitude – The White on White SK8-Hi can be worn with shorts, jeans, khakis, chinos, hell even with a suit if you want. Combine this with the fact that when I fall in love with a shoe I will wear that shoe until the soles come off (a pair of brown loafers in my closet can attest to this point). That is exactly why I will continue to buy the Vans SK8-Hi Original (White on White) over and over again.

Eian Says: This is very weird because I would also have to go with Vans SK8-Hi original (Black/White). My reasoning is a bit different, these are great sneakers for the everyday Harley rider as myself. Not only are they bad ass but you can also get them dirty and messy and they’ll still look cool. I have about 10 to 15 pairs of the SK8-Hi but the black/white are hands down the go to colorway. The best part about the Vans for me is that I’ve worn them with a suit and I’ve worn them with jeans or shorts. They can be labeled as one of the most diverse sneakers in my collection.


Greed: excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions. 

*What sneaker do you or would you have multiple pairs of in your collection? Multiple colorways of the shoe are allowed. 

Eric Says: Jordan 1s High. My, my, my, what a dope sneaker! Just a clean and classic kick. I actually feel like the Jordan 1 High is a Chelsea boot or Chukka disguised as a basketball sneaker. With a very similar feel to the Nike Dunk High (they could be cousins) the Jordan 1 High provides a certain nostalgia that is addicting. Get a pair and feel the power. Or not and that’s cool too.

Eian Says: Classic!!! There is so much to say about the Nike Foamposite 1. Not only is Penny Hardaway one of my favorite NBA players but I think he has one of the best signature sneakers in the game other than Jordan. It’s something about the Foamposite 1’s that always does it for me. Not every colorway but the Royal blues can’t be beat. They are clean on your feet and comfortable at the same time. Now one of my favorite things about the sneaker is that they will never EVER crease, which means they will last forever.

Sloth: habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness. Basically the sneaker you couldn’t care less about.

Eric Says: Maison Margiela or any designer sneaker that costs well over $300. This will be short because really I don’t care. I want to be clear, I am in no way criticizing these sneakers, the companies that make them, or the folks that buy and wear them. I just have absolutely no interest in spending $595 (at least) on sneakers. I want no parts in being exclusive in that way. Enjoy if you must.

Eian Says: Nike Air force 1 (sorry S.Y.N.ners), I know these are like the mecca of sneakers but for me I guess living in NYC has destroyed my image of the Nike Air Force 1. Growing up in the city this was a must have sneaker and I’ve had my fair share of AF1’s. This is where the name icy whites comes from. When these sneakers are fresh they are fresh, but once they get a scuff or the famous crease they go from a ten to a five real quick.

Wrath: Uncontrolled rage or hatred

Eric Says: Adidas and/or Kanye West. Sorry, I could not pick a specific pair or style here. My issue is truly with the company/designer. The lack of accessibility for any pair of Yeezys in spite of ‘Ye citing that as being one of the reasons he left Nike. The sneaker silhouette is cool and I would definitely like a pair in my collection but I’m past standing in lines and I’m not paying the outrageous resale ticket price. So until Kanye/Adidas make these kicks more accessible I will continue to rage red every time a different pair of Yeezys is released.

Envy: a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.

Eric Says: Olympic 7s OG. This is the kick that started it all for me. In the summer of 1992 we were privileged to watch the greatest basketball team ever assembled tear the world basketball scene apart. It was also the summer my mom brought home the greatest pair of shoes that I have had the pleasure of wearing, the Jordan 7 Olympics. I was not a Jordan fan. I didn’t care too much about sneakers (I was nine) but opening that box, smelling the sweet aroma of new sneakers, and unwrapping each sneaker from the soft tissue paper used to protect the sneaker from all known dangers, I knew in that moment I was going to love sneakers forever. That was the beginning. I need to return these to my collection.

Eian Says: Air Total Max Uptempo: It was 1997 and I was twelve and I was with my uncle and cousin coming from the Gauchos gym (NY youth basketball at its finest) after basketball practice. We went to the mall to grab some lunch and stopped at Foot Locker on the way out. Once I laid my eyes on them I knew I had to have them, but of course, at twelve years old, I could never afford them. At that time I would never even ask my parents for them because the price was so high. I remember seeing kids older than me with them on and it killed me inside every time. I’m still on the lookout for them to this day. i know they retroed them circa 2009 but I missed out once again.


* We are both very excited about this blog, not just as creators but also as lovers of the culture, and we look forward to interacting with folks and continuing to share our thoughts and ideas with you all. Please come along on this journey with us as we look to explore and grow.*