So, you’ve worked hard all month and you want to treat yo’self. Here’s how we would spend our $100.


I feel like $100 can take you a long way nowadays, if you’re looking in the right place. One of my favorite companies that’s out right now is Lords of Gastown. They are a Canadian based motorcycle/ lifestyle fashion company. On their site you can find items for men, women, and children. Even though it’s not yet riding season here in New York I still like to rock some dope motorcycle gear year round. Now, I’m only getting one purchase so it has to be this dope ass Vintage BDU shirt they have out right now. I think this is a good choice for more than one reason. Not only is it a super dope shirt with the old school vintage camo, but they also have it for women as well. There is a large patch on the back for men it has the “Pray 4 death” design. And for women they have the company logo on the back,  which I believe  is one of the best logos out there today. The way I would rock this shirt if it’s not that cold outside is by putting on a heavy long john shirt underneath (simple but does the job). Man or woman with this cop you can have some extra cash to put aside for maybe next month’s cop. Now you get to bump that one up to $120 possibly.

Lords of Gastown: Mens “Pray 4 Death Vintage BDU shirt” $84/ Womens “Vintage BDU Shirt” $84



Starting last year I decided to dress down once a week to work. With my dress down comes a fresh pair of sneakers (does not take much to impress middle school students) and a pretty basic ensemble of jeans and shirt but the focus is on the sneakers. One month into the school year I decided that I would also use this time to send a message or use what I was wearing to educate/ inform additionally I like wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts to work at times. My collection of message bearing shirts includes shirts that say, “this is what a feminist looks like”, “NMAAHC” (“The Blacksonian”), “Sometimes you have to sit in order to stand”, and “Black Girl Magic”, all of these t-shirts I have worn to work and most of them I bought from the dope company Served Fresh. About one month before Christmas 2016 I read about Nas’ clothing company, HSTRY, which at the time was selling “kneeling Santa” sweatshirts (I copped) and just decided to keep an eye on what he was putting out into the world. This site just recently released its 2017 Black History Month collection and I’m loving the pieces. So here’s what I would spend my $100 treat yo’self cash on:

Served Fresh: Two t-shirts – “When Doves Cry” Tee $40        “Pres. Clown” Tee $40


HSTRY – T-Shirt & Hat – “Black Panther” Tee $40       “X-Hat” $30

Each option leaves me with $20 – $30 what I would do is either throwing it into a savings account, adding to next month’s “Treat yo’self” cash, or donate it to a charity doing good work in the world. Here are my two suggestions the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union Fountdation) and NBCDI (National Black Child Development Institute) both are highly rated by Charity Navigator. Your Choice. Until next time S.Y.Nners, try to be better than you were yesterday.