Four months ago our buddy (Naldo!) decided to plan a trip to go to the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, Fl. This was going to be a chance to get together with the fellas (which doesn’t happen as often as it should ). Also, a trip with the fellas means drinks, wings, and jokes for days. Simply put this is an all-around good time. What we didn’t know is that it would only take the new President eight days to set the nation on fire. What we did know was that Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, & Animal Kingdom) was going to feel our presence; make sure to include sneakers and jerseys. Those were the packing instructions for the weekend.

Disney: We were in Orlando for exactly forty-six hours. This fact greatly impacted how we were going to pack. Two pairs of sneakers was all I decided to take. A pair of Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier 10 SFG (Black/Gum Yellow/Metallic Dark Grey) and a pair of Adidas Gazelles (White/White/Metallic Old Gold) which I copped for a mere $59 on sale (BINGO!) at Footlocker. The plan was to rock the Zoom Soldiers during both days and the Adidas Saturday night to go out. When you wear a size thirteen you don’t really get to pack a lot of sneakers if you aren’t checking a bag. Disney World was mad fun! We went to three of the four parks and because one of us was feeling great nostalgia he was able to keep us there for the better part of ten hours. We had funnel cakes with ice cream, watched the Indiana Jones stunt show, got on the Buzz Lightyear ride, watched fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and even got a chance to piss off the employee who was working with Mickey Mouse right before we took our group picture! At Epcot we ate dinner in a Aztec temple, took pictures with gold, bronze, and silver painted people and ate popcorn! Each of us representing our NFL teams with a hat, a t-shirt or jersey and a fresh pair of kicks (also for the most part we are not small guys) we were repeatedly suspected to be NFL players and on two instances we took pictures with admiring fans (in our defense those kids walked away really happy). From time to time we spoke of the political climate and determined we were in scary times but for the better part of this weekend we enjoyed each other’s company and all that we were able to do. To quote one of our buddies (DD) “It’s Magical!”


Pro Bowl 2017: I must say with the weather not being the best, I truly believe everyone had a good time. Not only were we there as one unit but it involved something we all love,  the game of football. I don’t even really watch the pro bowl, it was just never my thing. But when I found out that the whole team was going, how could i say no. Spending time with my brothers always make some of the best memories in life. there was no way I could miss this trip. True to the form all forty-six hours, including the three we spent outside in sub sixty degree weather in central Florida was well worth it. 


When it was all said and done what we took away from this short weekend with friends was that in a time of upheaval and divisiveness staying grounded with friends and family to keep you energized is a must. So, whether you love sneakers and fashion or you’re an activist we highly recommend you do it with someone you love and care about. Go on a friends trip. March together. Window shop in a group or make signs together but whatever you do, take action and do it with love. Until next time S.Y.Nners, surround yourself with love and take a trip or take action. Do both if you can.

Clockwise: Air max 1 “Safari”, Converse low, Foamposite 2011, Lebron soldier 10, Air Jordan 12, Foamposite 2017, Air Force 1 low