Eric: This is a statement that I say to myself every now and again. This feeling or urge occurs just about once a month. I don’t care what you are thinking about me right now, this feeling is real. If you  truly think about your own habits and feelings I know you feel the same way about something in your life. Alright, back to the point, I could go for a new pair of sneakers. It’s Black History Month and NBA All-Star weekend is coming up and in a different context both of those events mean something completely different than in this post. For the purpose of me be able to go for a new pair of sneakers right now it means that there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of two dozen pairs of sneakers being released exclusively in the name of the two events, this doesn’t even include the sneakers that have will and have been released weekly throughout the month of February. So, here’s what I have to consider: cost, functionality within my collection, and how hard I want to work for a particular pair of sneakers. Cost, let’s keep it under $150. I just don’t feel like going that crazy, also my anniversary is coming up and I’m traveling. Functionality within my collection, I never consider this until months down the line when I’m looking for a specific style to wear. This means that this time around I am going to add something that can be dressed up and dressed down, a streetwear kick. How hard I want to work to acquire a particular shoe, NOT hard at all. Hahaha, I really would like it to be a sleeper kick that folks are not hawking over, a sneaker where I can walk into the first store and they have my size and the sales rep doesn’t look frustrated that they have to go on a safari to find the sneaker. I’m going to get a pair of Adidas Harden’s Vol. 1. I know they don’t meet the criteria of functionality within my collection but…I think they’re dope.

James Harden Vol. 1 Arthur Ashe


Eian: I think everything Eric said makes great sense when it comes to buying some kicks this month but I think I might just take a leap off the ledge. Now I know this might sound like i’m contradicting myself because of what I’ve said in my previous post , but I’m aiming to cop the Adidas Yeezy boost 350 V2 black and red. Now I’m not one to jump at the Yeezys but damn this colorway is right on point with the all black and red letters. Simple but different. Now there’s two issues I might come across in order to get these sneakers. First,  is that with this colorway being so dope and the fact that they are Yeezys will make them kind of hard to get (we’re basically talking raffle only). Second, the money, now i’m not a big fan of spending $250 on some running sneakers but these might just make me pull that trigger. Now hear me out, if all fails and I can’t get my hands on those Yeezys then I have to go with my plan B and cop the Air Jordan 1 All Star Chameleon (HEAT).


Eric: WTF?! So, I write my little piece and then send it over to this guy and he talks about copping the new Yeezys! Then as a plan B,”oh I guess I will get the have to get the Jordan 1 High All-Stars”. And this is why sometimes we are not good influences for one another. I sat here had my game plan, felt good about my VERY solid selection and then he jumps off the roof and makes me rethink my whole strategy. I’m not even trying to one up him, I’m just thinking “damn, I need to make sure I can walk in the building with this guy”. New pick, a pair of Asics from their “VEG-TAN” collection. Smooth. The Asics Gel-Lyte III are pure beauty. They are comfortable, the natural leather (treated with vegetable matter) is smooth, and the unique split tongue make these a special pair of sneakers. Let’s see what happens. 

asics-veg-tan-pack-gel-lyte-iii-gel-respector-3*Photo courtesy of Hanon

Eian: Ok. Ok. So maybe I got ahead of myself for a second. Now we all know (or not) Yeezys are super hard to get and a bit on the pricey end as well. Let me come down to reality for a minute and take a long hard look at this and did some digging into my sneaker Rolodex. Now we all know my collection is very different from most ranging from Vans to Nike’s to Converse. So I think if all else fails I might have to pull the trigger on these dope ass Nike Air Oscillates. There is a classic and unique look to this sneaker. Which ever sneaker I get this month they will be a solid cop for sure.



Alright S.Y.Nners, we’ll get back at ya’ll with what we copped and how it went down. As always, we appreciate the love and your time.

*OG Original release of a shoe. The opposite of Retro.