Eric: On the BX19 sometime last week a young kid walked on and had the Jordan Retro 12 Blue Suede on his feet. I got a quick glimpse and thought to myself, “yo them joints are trash.” Now, the irony here is that when I got word these premiums were releasing I was excited. I love the 12s, love that blue and the suede was an added bonus. While in SoHo one Saturday I took a stab in the dark and walked into KITHNYC to see if they had the 12s in my size (13 but ya’ll know that already) and just the sneaker gods were on my side and they promptly brought my size out. I removed these beauties from the box, discarded of the paper stuffing and put them on my feet (only one foot actually. Sneaker stores don’t want people running out with kicks they didn’t pay for). After walking around with the one shoe on for about ninety seconds or so (too long for the salesperson) I placed the paper stuffing back into the shoe, put the shoe back into the box and began my thought process of whether or not to buy this sneaker. This is the process unless I am in complete love with the sneaker, if that is the case then it’s an easy “you can take that to the register”. After another three minutes and looking at a few more sneakers (didn’t try any on though) I didn’t cop. I wasn’t feeling them or feeling like spending the money in the moment. I was definitely ready when I walked in the store but ultimately they didn’t click. Now back to that bus ride. On a second and more focused look at my dudes sneakers and I was so disappointed that he had trashed his Blue Suede 12s like that already (it has only been three months since they have released), they looked like he had been playing full court basketball with them on for three straight months. All I could think to myself was “damn…I’m glad I didn’t buy those joints”. R.I.P to that kid’s kicks.



Eian: That’s pretty funny after hearing his story about how some people mistreat their sneakers. I must say I think after shopping with Eric for kicks I can say for sure I’m much pickier than he is. Like it’s rare if I even try on a pair of kicks in the store. Most of the time I already know in my head if i’m going to get them or not. Now when it comes to sneakers that I’m happy I didn’t cop I can easily give you a list of about 100 off the top of my head but then again like I said I’m ridiculously picky. With that being said I think i’m going to just throw it out there, I’m glad I didn’t cop 75% of the Foamposite colorways that dropped between the year of 2013 and 2014. Damn near all the colorways made me lose faith in the Foamposite and I was ready to give up. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking during this time of production. The reality of the matter is they were almost all STRAIGHT TRASH aka GARBAGE aka NOT WORTH THE TIME or money to buy them. So there you have it those are the sneakers I’m happy I didn’t cop.

Eric: For the record, Yes, Eian is more selective than I am however he has almost double (if not double) the amount of sneakers in his collection than I do. Also for the record I don’t always treat my sneakers the best but only because I LOVE them so much. I will wear a pair of sneakers everyday if I can and if I love them.
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