Eric: Alright, so here we are at the end of the month again and we’ve all worked hard, paid our bills, and treated folks as kindly as we could.  Now it’s time to treat ourselves! Truthfully, I blew up the $100 treat yo’self budget. I wanted them bad, I slept on them and then went on a wild hunt for my size because I couldn’t find them online. And then we walked into Flight 23 on 34th Street, they were in stock, I shouted for my size (shouted because I had been drinking and that’s what I do) to the young brother who was working that evening. He quickly asked his colleague if they had the 13 I was requesting and got a quick, NO. I looked at him and he looked back at me with calm coolness and said, “let me check”. Right response young brother. When he appeared from behind the black door with box in hand my smile grew from ear to ear. I dropped my coat in the middle of the floor and shouted “MY MAN!”. He was hyped, smiled and brought me the box. I opened the box, unlaced the shoe and placed it on my right foot. Now I’m in the middle of Flight 23 stunting and feeling good. Just to seal the deal I looked over to Eian (because he’s usually there with me on these hunts) and he hit me with the “yo, they look good.” With that statement I told the young brother to take those joints to the register. On that evening I got my “Take Flight” Jordan 8s and there’s my February treat.

Jordan “Take Flight”8


Quick recommendation exclusively for the ladies: a piece of jewelry from designer Melody Ehsani. Great pieces (my wife wanted everything in the store) jewelry and dope clothes to match. I say get a custom pair of bamboo earrings ($48). However, as I said before, I think her whole collection is dope so pick up anything from the site.

Bamboo Earrings


Eian: I must say February has been a tough one for me not because of anything serious but this damn weather. One day it’s 20 the next day it’s 65 so this weather plays into what i should treat myself to. Being that the day i’m writing this it’s 68 degrees outside and I have my mind set on riding mode. So with that being said everyone knows about Supreme and if you follow them you know that they do a new drop every Thursday. I wanted to grab these dope work gloves that they were dropping that had the logo on the outside of the gloves. Now call me a hater or whatever but damn these hypebeast! I can’t ever get anything Supreme when they drop because virtually (sometimes literally) 10 seconds after the web store opens everything sells out. I call these folks. not all of them, hypebeast. One simple fact, the items sell out so damn fast but then you go on Ebay or any other aftermarket selling site and dudes are on there trying to flip them for double sometimes triple the price. They can go (EAD) on that one. Sorry not sorry for the anger but it really pisses me off. I want the gloves for my own use and where (I do it for the culture). NOT to flip for financial gain. Whatever, so since I can’t treat myself to that I decided to go with something that i’ve been wanting for a while now and it’s going to save my wallet on the budget. I have this old coach’s jacket which I love a lot. If you know me you know I’m always wearing it, I bought it from Old Navy about two years ago for $20. It’s just a great everyday kind of jacket. With all the wear and tear to the jacket it is almost time to put it to rest. I’ve got some holes in the sleeves and elsewhere. So, instead I’m going to make a stop at Michael’s and grab some iron on letters and do a little DIY project and extend this jacket’s life a little longer. The letters at Michael’s go for about $2 to $3 a letter. I’m thinking of grabbing a bunch and just freestyle on the jacket. I will keep all you S.Y.Nners updated once i’m done. There you have it, f*#k the hypebeast and hell yeah to my DIY project. Hopefully I don’t burn my damn jacket, wish me luck folks.

Supreme “Work Gloves”


Eric: LMAO, he’s mad. Sorry bro. You know better than me not to mess with the hypebeast machine that is Supreme followers. Look no further than that MetroCard idiocy earlier this week. With that said, later this spring I’m going to try my luck with a Supreme x Nike collab. Until next time S.Y.Nners. Watch out for the next Blog and we have a Podcast in the works.

*EAD – Eat a dick

*Flip – Purchasing something (usually a larger quantity) and reselling the same amount for more money.

*Collab – Collaboration between two or more entities.