These aren’t all the sneakers releasing this weekend just the ones we wanted to talk about. Enjoy.

Adidas Harden Vol. 1 “Fear the Fork”


$140 Adidas

Eian: Not a huge fan of Adidas in general. Add that to the fact that the Harden’s have the sleeve/sock and I’m convinced these aren’t for me. I actually like the colorway and the concept of him going back to his college days at ASU. Maybe down the road these could be something I could try to get into, but right now they aren’t doing it for me.

Eric: Come on! You have to let the sock thing go bro. Not all socks are created equal. These fit a little looser than any Nike shoe I have tried on with the sock and it’s a comfortable shoe. You gotta love everything about this shoe, the theme, colorway, and the fact that James Harden is straight killing the NBA this season makes his a shoe a must have this season. However, I am going to sit this one out because I have many a shoe that screams, “You will not lose me in the snow!” So I’m out too but if there’s anyone who wants some safety yellow shoes with the black to complete the bumble bee combo, please cop these James Harden’s. Additionally these might be one of the easier pair of sneakers to cop this weekend.

Nike PG 1 “Ferocity”


$110 Nike

Eian: See now this is where I begin to shoot myself in the foot because I don’t like the sleeve / sock look but these are pretty dope with the smooth look of the strap and dark colorway. Can’t lie when I first looked at them I saw the Kobe 8’s with a strap. Another thing I’m big on is supporting the first release of any sneaker and with the price you can’t go wrong. As much as I like these I wouldn’t be able to do it because of the sock and my wide feet. This is a problem I have with all of the sneakers designed in this style. I’m guessing it must be a comfort thing for the players but for an “everyday wearing” guy like me I couldn’t do them myself.

Eric: Oh boy! Really, again with the sock thing? He likes the kick, it’s dope, it’s smooth, the colorway is smooth but he can’t do it because of the sock. He even likes the price point of $110 on these but wait, there’s a sock so it’s a no go. Every time we go hunting he tells me, “nah I can’t do those, my feet won’t fit” but he never tries on a single pair. I try to tell him every time that they made this shoe wider. Try it on at least, nope. He won’t do it. Alright clearly I’m fixating too much on his hate for the sock. Here is how I feel about Paul George’s first signature shoe: it’s alright, nothing special. I love the price point and would try them on for that alone. They don’t impress me the way the Kyrie 1 did, so I leave it up to ya’ll. This is a toss up for me so, I say do what you want. I can’t even tell you if this will be an easy cop or not because the hypebeast might jump on it and see it as an investment, hoping the Paul George line will pop in the future.

Reebok Instapump Fury x ATMOS x Packer Shoes “Doraemon”


$190 Packer Shoes

Eian: NO NO NO NO!!!! I really don’t have much to say about these sneakers. Now you might think i’m wrong but in my opinion it’s way too much going on in the sneaker for me and i’m talking beyond the colorway. So No.

Eric: LMFAO. Let’s make this quick. These are STRAIGHT TRASH. I like the Instapump Fury but this collaboration is wack. I actually can’t stop laughing about this write up. Trash. At the same time I am wondering if I am missing out on a pair of sneakers that might go up in value later on. Ehh, who cares, these are wack and at $190 I’m good. Quick note: I love both Packer Shoes and Atmos. 

Adidas NMD_CS2 x KITH x Naked


$210 KITH

Eian: Damn as I go on with this list I’m starting to feel like the grinch who stole the sneaker release weekend. I can’t get with these. Now from what I hear the Adidas NMDs are some of the most comfortable sneakers out right now. However for me these look like i’m paying for some overpriced Toms or some very comfortable socks. On the other hand I like the color and I think these will look very nice on small feet. Great gift for the girlfriends out there guys. For the ladies check out this Danish shop, Naked

Eric: Hahahaha. I like these. I want these. I don’t have any NMDs but I do like comfortable shoes and if you know me you know I love good looking, comfortable socks. It is only right that I wear these pastel colored kicks. Also, let’s not ignore the fact that these are not just any regular pair of Adidas they are an Adidas collab with KITHNYC! I am all the way on the KITHNYC hypebeast train. Love the store and I love the products they put out. So I say bust out your wallet and pay KITHNYC a visit to try and get yourself a pair. They will be hard to get. Good luck and shout to our boy Naldo. He’s the dude I know that loves NMDs more than either of us and he loves KITHNYC. And Eian is being a grinch right now. 

Air Jordan 15 Retro “Obsidian”


$190 Nike

Eian: FML! Really a whole week of sneaker drops and I really can’t find 1 out of 5 that i would want to add to my collection. Now don’t get me wrong I like these Jordans but I’m more of a fan of the all black stealth pair over these. The thing that drives me crazy about these and any other sneaker is the icy white sole that will last not more than 4 hours in these grimy New York City streets. The colorway itself is cool because that obsidian and white take me back to my high school football days (shout out to that BlueSteel family) when our jerseys were the same colors. At the end of the day I’m 5’9 and wear a 10.5. These right here do no justice to those measurements and make me feel and look like I’m wearing boats. I’m going to pass but hey if you’re tall or have smaller feet these might be the best move of the weekend. I’m hoping that next weekend brings me better choices.

Eric:  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. (Agent Orange’s voice). I’m digging these but I also really enjoy some of the later Jordan silhouettes that I know most folks really don’t like. The white and obsidian colorway is sick and I am a bit taller than Eian so these might work. I’m going to get them this weekend and bet that they will not sell out immediately and just cop them at a later date. And hey, I hope you all who want them, get your pair, where them immediately and often so that when I get mine and pull them out the closest they will stand out even more. Shit, now that I am thinking about it these may be the easiest pair of kicks to get this weekend. We’ll see.

I’m also going to send you to a store that I love. Shout to Villa! They have ten stores nationwide but I use their website which is linked above.

Also, a big shout out to a supporter of the blog, Liz S. who went out and bought herself some kicks (on our recommendation) for Valentine’s Day. The rest of you follow suit and when you buy your kicks, take a pic, admire the box, smell the newness of the sneaker and enjoy.

Happy hunting this weekend S.Y.Nners and hopefully your feet get all they desire.