Air Jordan XX “Stealth 2015”



Name: Eric

Occupation: Middle School Teacher

Age: 33

Hometown: Bronx, NY

What do you have on today?: Air Jordan 20 “Stealth 2015”

Why did you buy these: I had to. When this silhouette first released in 2005 I missed out on them. I absolutely love these sneakers. So when they rereleased in 2015 I did not hesitate.

How often do you buy sneakers: More than some and less than others. On average once a month. This is March (my birthday month) so the numbers might be higher than normal. Feel free to send birthday aid to help out.

Would you recommend them: Yes and no. Yes, because I think this is just a pretty dope shoe. Inspirations for the Air Jordan 20 came from custom trumpets, motorcycle tires and racing boots and the midfoot strap has lasered on designs inspired by different events in Michael Jordan’s life. The only reason I say no is because I think if you’re going to come out of pocket for these I suggest get a different colorway. The white and black contrast is fresh.