Name: Stephen
Age: 45
Occupation: Director – Artist Relations
Hometown: Brooklyn NY, by way of London UK

What do you have on today?:  FEIT Arctic Hiking Boots

Why did you buy these?: I was looking for a more rugged commando soled boot for the colder weather in NYC. I normally wear Red Wings but decided I would try something new. 

How often do you buy sneakers?:  When my budget allows I try to buy sneakers/footwear at least once a month….sometimes more. 

Would you recommend them?:  These FEIT boots are possibly the most comfy I ever worn straight outta’ the box. They’re a bit pricey, but certainly worth the money as they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Sometimes in the Northeast it ain’t always sneakers. Go and put your best sneaker forward S.Y.Nners.