Reebok Freestlye HI Tops

Name: Rebekah
Age: 39
Occupation: Teacher Development Coach
Hometown: 305!!!
What do you have on today?:The Reebok Freestyle Hi-Tops (aka the 5411s) in Excellent Red
Why did you buy these?: I didn’t. They were a gift from my boo and original S.Y.Nner Eric. I was wearing these in white when I was in seventh grade, and they were so cool. I wore them with humongous slouchy socks in fluorescent colors. And then I forgot about them until about a year ago when I saw this girl in my neighborhood in the South Bronx wearing them in red, and I told Eric I wanted a pair to wear with skinny jeans in the winter. He bought them for me for Christmas.
How often do you buy sneakers?: Probably once every three years and only for working out. Eric buys all my cute sneakers for me as gifts because I am kind of clueless.
Would you recommend them?: Hell yes. They are super comfortable and also warm. Plus I get tons of compliments on them. When we were in LA last week we walked by the Melody Ehsani boutique on Fairfax, and the whole window display was black and red 5411s because she has a line with Reebok. I was so excited!

Today is International Women’s Day so wear something red and support. The wearing of red signifies “revolutionary love and sacrifice” and we can all use that right now. Go out and put your best sneakers forward S.Y.Nners.