Nike SB Dunk HI “Mork & Mindy”


Name: Jonathan “Lew”

Age: 30

Occupation: IT support

Hometown: Greenville, SC 

What do you have on today?: Nike Sb Dunk “Mork & Mindy”

Why did you buy these?: These grails were actually given to me by my big brother Eian. He lost a bet years ago, and held up his part of the deal. Talk about a WIN!

How often do you buy sneakers?: I’m a recovering sneakerhead, so these days I buy only when I can’t pass up a “must have” steal. As a parent my priorities are a tad different these days compared to earlier years without my daughter. 

Would you recommend them?: Yes!! SB Dunks are a great versatile sneaker. From skating, to casual “dress shirt & jeans” combo, these sneakers can take you anywhere. This particular edition holds a feeling of nostalgia for me because of the late great Robin Williams bringing the character Mork to the hit tv show.

Be careful S.Y.Nners don’t bet your sneakers away. Go out and put your best sneakers forward.