Here are the 5 sneakers releasing this weekend we thought you should know about. As always there are a ton more sneakers dropping. Comment at the bottom if there is a pair you think we should have highlighted.

1.Jordan Retro 6 “Alternative” $190


Eian: I’m a fan of Jordan 6’s, not that I have tons of pairs but these are cool because they give you kind of the Bugs Bunny feel to them with the white leather and tan suede. These could be a steal. I don’t think these are sneakers for right now because of the snow but you could get them now and wear them once it gets warm with some shorts and a tee.

Eric: These are alright, and 6s are alright. I only have one pair (great story, great steal but I’ll save that for another time). Eian makes great points, it definitely gives that Bugs Bunny feel that came out a couple of years ago and they probably go good with shorts but Jordan Brand has done that already. I’m feeling uninspired by this latest retro release from JB. I’m not ready to roll out my rating of “S.T.” for these but if Jordan Brand continues to be lazy like this, I’m throwing the “S.T.” at them. So, needless to say I’m recommending a pass on these uninspiring Jordan 6s.




Eian : Man do I love a good ol’ collaboration, these right here believe or not is maybe one of my favorites this weekend. They give you that Prince “Purple Rain” feel. Time for my dancing shoes. And if you know me you know I am definitely a  dancer (wink wink). The dark purple suede does it for me seriously. It’s like you can wear these with anything black or blue jeans. On top of the look I think everyone in the world knows how comfortable New Balance are. The icing on the cake for this collab is the pretty cool bottom lace lock with this marble feel that has the Concepts name on it.

Eric: These are sick! I absolutely love these however I am not paying $200 for a pair of New Balance. I know, this is a collab and Concepts is dope shop but like I said, not paying $200 for New Balance. Yo, I loved reading Eian’s review of them though. I could tell bro is really feeling these. All those descriptors. Got him talking about Prince and making jokes about dancing, I’m sitting here like damn, he needs a pair of these. So go out and get a pair, especially if you like, dancing, Prince, and Game of Thrones!




Eian: Man o’ man what can I not say about these Air Max? These are almost like the holy grail of Air Max with the OG blue you can’t go wrong. If you are a fan of Air Max 1’s these are a must have. Jeans or shorts you can pull this off with any look you want. Being that this is Air Max month there will be tons of colorways coming out on a daily so if you only have one choice of Air Max you might want to hold off.

Eric: Check. Check. Check. The price is right. The colorway is right. The silhouette is right. I am getting these! I love Air Max 1s. I love them so much that I wear them down to the ground because I will just wear them everyday. Don’t listen to Eian, give your self more than one chance to get a pair of Air Max 1s this month. March 26th is Air Max Day (it’s a Nike holiday, just roll with it) and the 27th is my birthday so I want more than one pair of Air Max 1s these month. At $140 I think it’s a nice treat for yourself. I will throw you a little bone on how to dress these: with sweats, jeans, shorts, gray, blue, white, red, yellow, cargos, chinos, basically whatever you want because that is how versatile these sneakers are. These are my “MUST HAVES” of the week.



Eian: Ayeeeee, these are super cool. From the color way to the design with the two tone look of the soft pink and carbon grey, they’re a dope looking sneaker. The India ink is just as cool with the soft blue and dark blue. With these sneakers being suede you have to be careful because they will get super dirty real quick. On top of it all these are really comfortable sneakers as well for those city walks.

Eric: Argh, I wanted to pull out the “straight trash” on these because I didn’t check them out until right before I wrote this piece but I can’t. However, I’m not buying what Asics is selling here. They are alright. Also, I am a little disappointed that they don’t have the split tongue that I love so much on Asics. Feeling a little like that “Grinch” spirit Eian had last week is infecting me right now. Toss up for me on these.


5. Air Jordan XXX1 “Black Cat”


Eian : Not a huge fan of the these Jordan’s for casual wear, I think they are more for active basketball use. I like the simple black and white look and if I was baller I would totally cop these. I also just watched a quick video of Tinker* and his concept of how and why he designed them. His thought is, Jordan played at times like a black cat. He (Jordan) would play steady and when the time was right he would just pounce and attack to finish the game for the kill. Dope concept and pretty cool sneaker but not something I would get.

Eric: I love the XXXIs but perhaps because in my head I am a ballplayer (not so much in real life). I really want a pair of these. I tried them on and essentially, Eian was like, those are wack. Dude had a ton of critiques, they are too boxy, they look big on your feet. Ultimately, I passed on the pair that I tried on but I’ll go back. I’ll get a pair. As far as these are concerned, this is a very simple colorway that a designer cannot go wrong with. I cannot count how many times I have said to myself, “I need a pair of simple black kicks”. So, I am giving these a thumbs up. This is the simple and easy cop of the week for me. Very little risk involved.


Bonus Drop: Just want to shout out these sneakers that dropped yesterday at Footlocker and Puma. The Coogi x Puma collab is super dope. They pay homage to the late great B.I.G., these sneaker have the dope look of the famous Biggie picture with him counting cash with the Coogi sweater on. Rest in Power Biggie. Spread love the Brooklyn Way!