This time last week I was gearing up to add the Nike Air Max 1 OG Anniversary “Blue” to my collection. The excitement was building. A smile was on my face when I thought about them. I had begun to strategize how I was going to purchase them. I was on a pretty high streak of successful cops on SNKRS (Nike’s sneaker app to purchase some of the more limited releases when they first come out) and I was visualizing more success coming my way. As the week went on my excitement grew, I started thinking about when I would wear my “Blue and Whites” and what I would wear them with. As the week came to an end and we wrote our weekly “Sneaker Release” article I gave high praises to the Air Max 1s, they were the best release last weekend, and I thought if there was anyone who was going out to purchase sneakers last weekend then these were the sneakers that they should purchase.

Saturday morning had finally arrived and I was ready! This is the part of sneaker culture you may not be aware of, it’s the thrill of the hunt and the capture. Both are equally exciting, hunting for what you want and capturing that coveted pair. Sometimes its an app and a computer, other times it’s four different sneaker stores. Hell, depending on how high the hype is and how much I want the sneakers the chase might include three boroughs. Ten o’clock arrived and the app was open, BINGO, my sneakers were in the cart and I was in the virtual line. Two minutes of “waiting” on the virtual line was over and I was informed that unfortunately they were sold out and I was out as well. Disappointment settled in quickly. I tried to shake it off and was determined to have pair of sneakers before the day was over (that feeling of “I could go for a new pair of sneakers” had set in). After several stops which included; Nike SoHo, KITHNYC, BX Footzone, Acelo NY, and BX Sports, I realized the I didn’t want any pair of sneakers, I wanted those Air Max 1 OG Anniversary “Blue and Whites”. That want would not let me settle for any other pair of sneakers, the weekend was a wash and now I’ll wait for that excitement to come around again. Maybe I will be able to restart the success streak next week or maybe I will have a string of fails, either way it’s all good and the chase will continue.

Have any of you out there had that experience with sneakers, or anything else for that matter? Leave a comment below, start the conversation. We’re curious.

If you’re in the northeast like me, keep your best sneakers in today S.Y.Nners and let the snow and rain reek havoc outside. And if the the sun is shinning on you today go out and put your best sneakers forward.