Name: Andy Hawker

Age: 18

Occupation: Student/Sales Associate

What sneakers do you have on?: Nike Presto Se Neutral Olive/Neutral Olive

Why did you buy these?: I bought these sneakers because they really caught my eye. The design was just something different that was a great steal at $80.

How often do you buy sneakers?: Not too often but when I do I like to buy different styles and colors. I look for sneakers that will make me feel proud. Also, sneakers that has a significant background story. Those are the sneakers that I seek out the most. 

Would you recommend these sneakers?:  I would recommend these sneakers to anyone that’s looking for something comfortable and light. Prestos have it all. They are good for working out and are an easy wear.

Shout out to SDC High School! Go out and put your best sneakers forward S.Y.Nners!