Dear Sneaker Gods, 

All week, no make that all month I have been looking forward to Saturdays just to get my sneaker of choice on release day. I wake up extra early to set up the war room. Laptop, check. IPad, check. Phone, check. I’m sitting here watching the time closely to make sure I’m not a second late. As my cable box strikes 10:00am I’m ready. I lock into all my devices and grab my size put all my info in the cart before hitting that checkout button. BAM! I hit the button and nothing! You can’t be serious, a buffered screen? Another one bites the dust and on to the next attempt. The next sneaker. The next weekend. Ok, I think I might have better luck on this one. A raffle? I’m thinking my chances are good I have more than one device. I put in all my info and now I have to wait for the confirmation email. Time passes and its now 10:45am. Nothing. Not one email or notification on my phone. Fuck it right? Let me check the app, in my mind I’m hyped. I know I had to get these sneakers. It’s only right. The sneaker gods have to bless me in some way. I open the app and first thing that pops up, “YOUR ENTRY WAS NOT SELECTED”. Motherfucker! You can’t  be serious. I tried everything and I get nothing back? This is bullshit man! Now I’m  sitting here with no sneakers and all these devices that did nothing for me, feeling pure disappointment. This is a feeling I get more often than I would like. I think I will call this the sneaker release blues. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way from time to time, so if you can, just take a deep breathe for me. 


Your #1 SYNER Eian

P.S. Let’s  try this again next Saturday.