Where the hell is spring?! That’s how we’re feeling right now. We got the refreshing and delicious Burnside Summer flowing over at Gun Hill Tavern and all we need is some warm weather to enjoy the drinks by the 3s outside and lamp with a fresh pair of kicks. In the meantime let’s treat ourselves for all the hard work we’ve been putting in.


Eric: Yo! As a teacher what I hear most at the beginning of the March is, “Ahh, March sucks! It’s the worst month.” Now they are saying that because (don’t judge, its a tough job) it is the first full month of work. Literally, it is the first month in which public schools in New York City are in session every single day (we had a snow day this year, shouts to Carmen and Bill, the Chancellor and Mayor). Alright, back to the meat of this post, it’s MY BIRTHDAY month! #Ariesseason. #FireSign. #Mymomma’sson. #327makeseverythingright. So my treats are off the charts this month. So where shall I start, let’s start with the sneakers. All month I’ve been taking Ls* on sneaker release Saturdays and it’s been painful. Today I got a win! Courtesy of Undefeated Inc. I was able to get the Air Max 97 x R.T. Quick note: the Air Max 97 was extremely popular in Italy when it released in 1997.  I’m hyped.I can’t lie I’m excited about the sneaker but also excited to finally get a W. This collaboration between Nike and designer Riccardo Tisci is dope. Using premium materials, changing the silhouette from lower to a mid shoe added to the allure for me. I have been looking to add a centerpiece sneaker to my collection, I’m not sure if these are it but they are definitely in consideration. Needless to say, I got’em! Next up, a whisky! To know me is to know there are three things that I’m into right now: Sneakers, comics, and whisky (Bourbon is the sweet spot). My whisky collection is pretty dope. Alright, I’m going to speed this up, Eian just said I’m writing too much. So, the new addition to my whisky collection is the Macallan Double Cask 12 Year. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile, had a taste a few weeks ago. Very excited to have this in the house. FYI, Scotch is whisky from Scotland (teacher habit). I’m out, thanks in advance for all the birthday wishes.

Eian: Now if you know me you know I fuck with KAWS heavy, not only because he’s from New York but he is also a dope ass artist. So this month I went a bit crazy with my treat seeing that my budget is only supposed to be $100. I took my budget to the next level with $200 for this purchase and got myself a KAWS companion. I’ve always wanted a piece of KAWS artwork for the house. Early Tuesday morning The MoMA design store in SoHo dropped the KAWS companion open edition. They had 5 different pieces but I was only able bring myself to buy one. I think I got the best one. I went with the all black. It’s a must have especially since it’s my first piece and goes perfect with the KAWS book the old lady got me two Christmases back.  Thank you Beans. I was super hyped to be able to grab this piece. I even sat on line outside for four hours which I never do. I heard a lot of people saying they wish they knew about this drop, so next time when I get some information like this I will definitely pass it along. We do it for the culture so expect to hear the info when we get it.

Alright S.Y.Nners go out and put your best sneaker forward and treat yo’self 3.24.17


*Ls – Losses