Name: Jhumanee

Occupation: Retail Associate for now

Age: 23

Hometown: Washington Heights

What do you have on today?: Black and White Yeezy Boost 350s

Why did you buy these?: Kanye has always been one of my idols before he went kinda crazy on all of us lol. Nah but from all the things he taught me and from his love of music to his love for fashion I just had to show my support for him at least one time.

How often do you buy sneakers?: I buy sneakers maybe once or twice a month. The sneaker really would have to catch my eye or it’ll need to have some type of history behind them now for me to cop.

Would you recommend them?: I would recommend them if you’re getting a good deal on them. You’ll just have to get a half size up or maybe a full size up because of the toebox area squeezes a bit.

Alright S.Y.Nners go out and put your best sneakers forward.