Yo, I hate the rain! I mean I hate the rain with a passion. In New York, when all you do is walk and use public transportation you encounter the rain in a different way. I know all the drivers reading this might be thinking, Eh. The rain is not that bad. I would agree with you, if I hopped in my car and started driving and then hopped out and walked into my job rain I might not think rain is that bad either. If you take the train or the bus however your dance with rain is a bit different. First you might find yourself waiting at a bus stop with no shelter or one that has little to no room and if you are under a shelter with little room you may get hit with the dreaded NYC water drip on your face. FUCK! That’s just nasty. Everyone has been hit with the water drip, on the forehead, the nose, the eye, or perhaps the worse, on your lip! Sometimes there is little relief for those who ride the train. For all my 6 train riders if you are ever at the 138th St & 3rd Ave station expect to have to dodge the NYC water drip on an epic scale! Then there is the smell on the buses and trains, that damp, rank stench of wet coats, hair, pants, and whatever else folks may have on their persons. I hate that smell, it makes me uncomfortable. Drivers, don’t tell me to get a car. I still don’t think all of THOSE headaches are worth it in a city with an above average mass transit system. I don’t use umbrellas (too easy to lose and sometimes too cheap to be effective) I have a trench coat, and a hat. Now what I am missing is a pair of sneakers that will effectively keep my toes warm and my socks dry. No, I’m not buying a pair of Hunter boots. No, I’m not wearing tims. No, I’m not wearing galoshes either. I need a pair of dope sneakers (moderately priced) that are water proof. What I am currently wearing is not working. HELP! Recommendations accepted below.