So three weeks go it was our Mother’s birthday (we don’t have to big that up any more than she already does) at this point we are not sure what to get her. There are some obvious things like a nice vacation or a car but let’s be real, we aren’t there yet. We could get her nothing and present our accomplishments and how happy we are and that would really be enough but we do like to get her something. This year we decided (as we have in the past) to get her a pair of sneakers. Why not? What Mom doesn’t love a fresh pair of kicks gifted to her by sons (okay, maybe we’re just making that up because WE would love to be gifted with a fresh pair of kicks)? Now, what pair of sneakers should we get her? What color do we get her? It’s spring we could get a dope colorful pair for summer? We go simple and classic? None of those, we decided to go new. The all-new Nike Vapormax (one of us trashed them on the podcast but has since warmed up to them) that sold out very quickly on Air Max Day on Nike’s website. We were not sure if she was going to like them or not but we liked them for her so we sent them to her via mail. We all live in the Bronx but if you know our mother you know she does not stop moving. She was not in town the week before her birthday and not all of us would be here on her birthday. This is not an unusual occurrence as of late, last year it took us three weeks after Mother’s Day to finally see her and spend time with her. needless to say the sneakers are a hit, she loves them, we suspect she will be hitting your local cookouts and outdoor parties with them on her feet this summer.

What we learned from this experience is that everyone loves a fresh pair of kicks. So, this upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day go out and buy your parents a fresh pair. They can be classic, simple, wild, innovative, inexpensive, expensive, rare, highly accessible, just make sure they are fresh and fit their personality. We think you’ll get a smile and a hug (well you might get that anyway). Happiness all around. Take care of the feets.  #Doitfortheculture